Les Brown biography – Inspiring story

Les Brown biography – Inspiring story

Les Brown Biography

Les Brown biographyLeslie Calvin Brown is a politician, a radio talk show host and a motivational speaker all wrapped into one person.

More commonly known as Les Brown, the Les Brown biography is one that in and of itself is motivational.

I love his speaking style. He speaks so passionately. He is engaging, and he is funny.

He always throws little jokes or funny stories or funny motivational quotes.

His catchphrase “it’s possible” is basically the edict of his life.

He and his twin brother Wes were born in an abandoned building in Miami and given up for adoption. His adoptive mother was a single school cafeteria worker.

Les Brown is a story of a man who beat every odds; that was set in his path and tells a tale of a man, that was determined and with the help of a handful of people that believed in him he was able to become a Representative in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Extraordinary Life

Les Brown Inspiration Pilot

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The Les Brown biography reads like a Hollywood script because for all the intents and purposes this man has lived a rather extraordinary life when all the odds were against him.

In the school, he was deemed “educably mentally retarded”.

He attributes his success in school to his mother and a high school teacher that helped him to realize his full potential.

He talks about his commitment to reaching his full potential, and how he used that commitment to rise from radio host to station manager, from club emcee to keynote speaker, from community activist to legislator in the state of Ohio for not one but three terms.

He was married to Gladys Knight ( of Gladys Knight and the Pips fame) for a short period.

He has been a motivational speaker since 1993, a business owner, author, former politician and have harnessed this energy to share with others.

Motivational Speaker

Les Brown


The Les Brown biography is not so much a ‘rags to riches’ story as it is a story of harnessing the power that anyone can harness.

It is a story of great success, but it is also a story of planning on success. As a motivational speaker, he brings it all to the table.

The history, the struggle, the doubt and the steps that it takes to understand that “it’s possible.”

He is often a keynote speaker at fortune 500 companies because he inspires. He helps people to find their hidden potential and to tap into it.

Les Brown has done some great things with his time and have plans to continue to pass on his wealth of knowledge.

-Life has no limitations, except the ones you make. – Les Brown

Les Brown: Getting unstuck

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  1. 19 March 15, 2:13pm

    I thank God for Mr. Les Brown, he has affected my life. I began training on Customer experience in 2011 and he has encouraged me with great insights that will make me a better trainer.

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    its greatfull to know such an inspiring charecter vin life, you really touch the hearts of many. may God alway keep her safe

  3. 26 August 15, 7:23pm

    Ur words empower Les and I pray God gives me the grace to one empower people as u have empowered me.

  4. 21 October 15, 8:35am

    Thanks Mr Brown for u big words which empowers me daily

  5. 01 December 15, 11:02pm

    Mr Les brown, your words are very inspirational. I always knew there is something special about me which am yet to discover, your words inspire me every day, thanks.

  6. 27 August 16, 10:35am

    I am eternally grateful to you Mr. Brown for the information and inspiration you have given me that have helped me successfully navigate the uncertain waters of life. I’m grateful to you Sir.

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