Eduardo Camargo’s inspiring weight loss story to save his daughter

Eduardo Camargo’s inspiring weight loss story to save his daughter

Eduardo Camargo’s story to save Jazlyn

Eduardo Camargo with his daughter

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One of the health issues that most people now suffer from is being overweight, but it is not only an issue in certain instances in life. At times, this health issue can also become a big obstacle to a person’s desire to help a loved one. As what Eduardo Camargo has shown, no obstacle is big enough to face if it means being able to save his precious daughter by becoming a qualified liver donor.

Eduardo Camargo’s story was one that gained the world’s sympathy last year, 2013. From his desire to become a liver donor to his baby daughter and save her, he took the step and started losing weight.

Jazlyn’s diagnose

Eduardo Camargo's daughter JazlynHis baby daughter’s name is Jazlyn, who was diagnosed with biliary atresia right after her birth in April 2012. Jazlyn underwent two surgeries even at that young age in order to prevent her liver from failing. However, the surgeries still did nothing as her condition continued to worsen. Her doctors told Eduardo and the family that the only solution left to save Jazyln was for her to undergo a liver transplant.

Eduardo Camargo was overweight

Eduardo, as the father, thought that it had to be him who should serve as the liver donor and not his wife. He reasoned that they still have daughters who would need their mother more than a father. Hence, this led him to volunteer as Jazlyn’s liver donor. Unfortunately, there came an issue with him being the liver donor to his daughter. The doctors told him that he cannot be qualified as a donor because of his weight, and he can only do so after he reduces. At the time, Eduardo Camargo weighed 210 pounds. The doctor also diagnosed him with a fatty liver disease.

Fatty liver disease

Fatty liver disease is a common health issue that overweight people have. This became a big obstacle during that time for Eduardo Camargo and the family. A person’s weight is one of the factors that can determine whether he or she can become a donor. A person is not allowed to become one if he is overweight for it comes with a health risk and might even endanger them. The only way this issue can be eliminated is for the person to decide to reduce weight and only then will the individual be considered as a candidate.

Challenges of weight loss

In Eduardo Camargo’s case, he has another big issue to deal with – the challenge to lose weight since he has always struggled in this aspect even before, but that did not stop him from reducing weight. And he hadn’t exercised since high school. He started going to gym and to run on the treadmill alternately each a week before going to work. It became a routine for him, and he combined this with healthy eating habits. Although the process never became easy for him, he still pursued and just thought of his daughter to give him the strength. Within two months, Eduardo successfully lost 40 pounds and lowered the amount of fat present in his liver.

Eduardo Camargo holding JazlynAfter that, the transplant was planned. Although there was some unfortunate occurrences that happened before the transplant surgery when Jazlyn’s liver started failing, it still became a success in the end. Eduardo’s daughter was saved and she was stated by doctors with no risk of suffering from any side effects. Yes, Eduardo Camargo admitted that it was a scary experience for him, but he knows that everything’s worth it with his daughter now safe and enjoying her life as how kids would.


-A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. – Christopher Reeve

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