3 inspiring young entrepreneurs

3 inspiring young entrepreneurs

Started at a young age

MoneyIt’s probably hard to imagine being a millionaire, and even harder to think of a kid earning millions while still in their teens! Some teenagers however just seem to have a knack for business and the hard work ethic needed to make their ideas a success. Check out these inspirational stories of three young entrepreneurs and how they made their fortune while they were still so young!

Sean Belnick

young entrepreneursFurniture may not sound like the most exciting way to make your millions, but when Sean Belnick was just 14 he founded the site bizchair.com and began selling all types of furniture for home and office. He began with just a few hundred dollars and worked out of the bedroom he had in his parents’ house, but was so successful at his business that he soon expanded into a nearby warehouse and continued to grow from there. In 2010 his business had sales in excess of $58 million, and he himself is reported to be worth some $42 million today.

Ashley Qualls

Young entrepreneurs Ashley QuallsThis American teen also started with a small investment, all of eight dollars which she borrowed from her mother, and which she used to start the site whateverlife.com. The site provided tutorials for teens on HTML and gave them free MySpace layouts. It became a huge success and by age 17 she had earned her first million. Today she is said to be worth some $8 million.

Farrah Gray

Young entrepreneurs Farrah GrayFarrah Gray is said to be worth some $20 million today and is the youngest person on record to have an office on Wall Street, making him one of the best inspirational stories for kids. How did he get there? At age 6 he began selling body lotions and at age 13 he founded his own specialty food line called Farr-Out-Foods. In one short year he had received over $1.5 million in orders, so by the time he was 14 he was already a millionaire!


It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what all these inspirational stories have in common, except that they all had a passion for their work and they all were determined to succeed. Notice that they all started small and continued to expand their business over the years, which is a good point for all future entrepreneurs. You don’t need to start with money to make money, but only need the drive, determination and persistence to make yourself a success!

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs. Farrah Gray.

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