Arthur Boorman: They were wrong, it was possible.

Arthur Boorman: They were wrong, it was possible.

How Arthur Boorman gave up his hopes

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Arthur Boorman was an ex-paratrooper from the Gulf War, who had been injured during his line of service. As he had to constantly jump out of an airplane to meet military demands for training and service, he returned injured with terrible chronic back and knee problems which made it very difficult for him to walk unassisted without crutches. Military doctors told him that he would never be able to walk again or exercise normally and for 15 years after the Gulf War Arthur Boorman sided with doctors watching himself get progressively further out of shape.

As many of us would, Arthur believed what the doctors told him. He gave up his hope up to be ever happy again and walk naturally again.

Yoga as medicine

Arthur Boorman inspirational videoOver these 15 years, he continued to gain weight and would eventually top out at a maximum weight of 297 pounds at 47 years old. Disheartened that he couldn’t lose weight with his disability he turned to yoga. Many of the instructors turned him down because of his disabilities. One day, he came across a newspaper article about a special yoga program being developed by wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page. This non-impact yoga workout was designed to help people of all body types and disabilities to get some physical exercise in and to condition their bodies without placing a massive strain on them. This nonimpact yoga workout was possible for Arthur Boorman to complete and it allowed them to shed away 140 pounds of his weight in just 10 months of regular nonimpact yoga workouts.

This workout program was developed by Diamond Dallas Page, who found it difficult to exercise with chronic injuries from his wrestling career. With regular training, it’s possible to gain strength and lose weight very quickly. By following the program regularly, Boorman was able to lose weight and eventually strengthened his core to the point where he could walk without crutches. After many months of exercise and willpower, Arthur Boorman was able to do away with his crutches completely, and he can now exercise regularly, teach yoga to others and maintain regular cardio workouts with sprinting and running.

Don’t let anyone else’s opinion of you become your reality

Arthur Boorman’s story just goes to show you that with the right mindset it’s possible to achieve anything. Regardless of what medical professionals may tell you, if you are committed to improving your life you can make it happen. Like a rainbow after the rain; there’s always a good thing after the pain. The night is never followed by night, it’s always followed¬†by day.

-Just because I can’t do it today, doesn’t mean, I’m not gonna be able to do it someday.

Arthur Boorman.

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