It’s time to stop taking things for granted

It’s time to stop taking things for granted

What does ‘taking things for granted’ mean?

taking things for grantedWhat is “taking things for granted“? When you take things for granted, that means that you think something is always going to be there. We usually don’t think about the things we own can be taken away, like a house by a tornado. Things people usually take for granted are:

Water (clean and on tap), electricity, a bed, a home, a family, money, food, clothing, the fact that you can walk, your sight, etc. Many people don’t even have these things, so be thankful that you do.

But the thing we most take for granted is our mind. Your mind is a wonderful thing.

I love this video, I’ve watch this many times.

Attitude of gratitude

Instead of just taking things for granted, be grateful for what you have. If you’ve seen the hit movie ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, you might remember three powerful processes they talked about, that can change your life. The first one was gratitude.

Attitude of gratitude is a must to succeed in life, even if it’s about little things in life like “I’m grateful for the good coffee” or I’m grateful for my dog didn’t poop on the floor.” Start your day by being grateful for what you have. I’ll tell you what four of the teachers featured from The Secret does for gratitude exercises.

Lee Brower has the gratitude rock. Every time he takes it in the morning

and put it in his pocket, it reminds him to be grateful. Every time he touches it, it reminds him to be grateful.

John Demartini won’t get out of bed until he has a tear running down his face. He just think about how grateful he is until a tear comes out.

What ever we think about and thank about we bring about. John Demartini

Rhonda Byrne when she wrote The Secret, wouldn’t start her writing before she had a tear of gratitude running down her face.

James Arthur Ray, when he gets out of bed, when his left foot touches the floor he says “thank” when the right foot touches the floor he says “you.” All the way to the bathroom, when the left leg touches the floor “thank,” right leg “you,” “thank” “you.” When he takes a shower, he thinks about all the things he is grateful for.

It's time to stop taking things for grantedJack Canfield have a gratitude journal, where he writes for seven minutes a day everything he is grateful for.


Stop taking things for granted

The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for. You have a bed to sleep in, be grateful for that. Someone somewhere loves you, that’s amazing. You woke up breathing, lucky you. The sun is shining, what a beautiful day.

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-Gratitude is the attitude that hooks you up to your source of supply. Bob Proctor.

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