Cliff Young, the 61 year old extreme runner

Cliff Young, the 61 year old extreme runner

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Cliff Young shuffleThis is my favorite story. It’s about Australian farmer, Cliff Young, who in 1983 decided to compete in the Sydney-to-Melbourne race. 544 mile (875 km) race, at that time it was considered as one of the toughest race in the world. Cliff Young broke the record by 12 hours.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there

This story tells us, that what you believe is possible, could be a limitation, or in this case, your biggest strength. Cliff Young believed he could run this far. Actually, what he didn’t knew helped him too. Cliff Young never talked to a professional extreme runner, he didn’t knew that he was suppose to run for eighteen hours and sleep for six.

At the first night, he was so far behind, no one told him that. So Cliff, with his shuffle, he kept running. I love how relax he was in the interview, even after five days of non-stop running.

Paulo Coelho quote

This is the Youtube video with Jack Canfield telling about him, and interviews with him. Watch and get inspired

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